What can be better that some one calls you "Best dad ever!" just because it's one of those weekends when you decide to make some waffles. Though I had little helpers delivering it.

Still last Sunday people went out on a protests all across the country using so called referendum as an excuse to gather in a single place and started chanting "No more war" and around 500 people were detained again. So my point that people of Belarus are in full support of Ukraine and condemn actions of illegitimate regime who collaborated with aggressor. Also 65% that dictator claims from referendum is an entirely fake count.

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These days you can hear appeals to Belarusian people, however those aren't unfair. People of Belarus leaved under literal occupation by a illegitimate regime for last 2 years. Here are just few stats given that total population of Belarus is 9 millions: since 2020 there were 33k people detained, only about 100 got warnings, rest were jailed on a "short" sentences up to a few hundred days, 1832 people convicted for a longer often multiyear sentences, 1077 still political prisoners to date...

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We've discovered that users in Kazakhstan can circumvent internet shutdowns and censorship by using a specific Tor bridge. Follow our user guide, get a bridge, and avoid shutdowns today and tomorrow. #keepiton


I am wondering how do you charge your electric car when storm comes in and powerlines are dowm, US infrastructure is not yet ready for electric future.

Very powerful quote from the book "Antifragile" by Nassim Nicholas Taleb: "If you want to accelerate someone's death, give him a personal doctor. I don't mean provide him with a bad doctor: just pay for him to choose his own. Any doctor will do"

Main Christmas Tree is up, ready for X-Mas! This year looks quite challenging to find lights or trees. A lot of empty shelves in many departments.

Came across documentary called "Inside Job", I have seen it while back. However this time part where they are talking about how financial industry corrupted economic science and became one of the factors in 2008 crisis received another meaning in context of COVID. There are many similarities with both of the industries and both crisises. How can you trust science when you can't be sure that it's not scewed towards particular outcome.

Few years ago, people were screaming about 1984, because president had no filter, however had no appetite for actions expressed in his speech, fast forward here we are in 2021 with different president, censorship and self-censorship at a full blast across all media platforms including social media, especially if you question establishment views, economy in a questionable state and future uncertain ...

There is a difference between capitalism and extortion. My kid attended swim meet and hosting team(ATAC) decided to extort parents for money, by publishing heat sheets within restricted area and not publishing meet on the meet mobile(paid app) like every other swim team does when hosting meets. So effectively parents were in the dark about heats and lanes their little swimmers compete in, and only way to get through was to buy printed version from them for $5 and more over they only accept cash.

I've been watching exchange between Senator and CDC representative. CDC can't get their stuff together to draw conclusion on either effectiveness or ineffectiveness of natural immunity, however they making a firm stand that people recovered from COVID-19 has go get vaccinated. Let me get it straight, CDC(funded by taxpayers) refuses to draw conclusion based on the data that they already have, yet they gadly pay pharma for vaccine doses. Isn't that seems strange?

Here is interesting tidbit, story from 2018 points out that majority of FDA budget comes from user fees. Even though author goes into explaining that they still block drugs that does not meet criteria, I think it will still influence their thinking and that that's the problem. Similar problem can be found with many scientific researches, they sponsored by pharma. So with recent FDA actions how can we ensure that those were taken with health in mind rather than money. forbes.com/sites/johnlamattina

It wasn't enough of the crisis in healthcare industry with COVID, our government decided to that it could take free choice away from people, now with vaccine mandates we are loosing nurses, who by the way fought hard on the front lines whole year and teachers, in order for few to appropriate those funds from the budget. Now we have 2 crisis's healthcare and educational. npr.org/2021/09/23/1039228806/

Что ещё можно сказать, когда в стране лица захватившие власть в свои руки с телеэкранов говорят, что им "не до законов", людям приходится защищаться всеми доступными методами. Когда в квартиру ломятся лица без опознавательных знаков человек взялся за оружие, потому что довели, он не знал, что ещё делать. Даже если представить, что они реально из структур, он понимал, что его и его жену может ждать, им же "не до законов" ... Жалко парня ...

People often scream on social media platforms follow the science, however same people fail to admit that they were wrong when new studies contradicts with message they are trying to deliver and worth of all when it's our country leaders who failed to follow science themselves while asking regular people to do it. washingtonpost.com/outlook/202

Just like with antibiotics, it is a generally great achievement, but as Alexander Fleming warned us that misuse and over prescription can lead to a bacteria developing resistance to any antibiotics and we already starting to see those cases, doctors generally just prescribe drugs rather than looking for diagnoses, mandates in one size fits all can hurt us in a long run. Humanity is good in solving problem rather than searching for a root cause of that problem to begin with ...

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