It's well known that the goal of any company is to maximize shareholders return. That includes technology companies, who offer so-called "free" SaaS products. In fact the fermium model has become a favorite business model in Silicon Valley. What do you think is going to happen when implementation of security controls to protect your data outweigh the cost of cyber security insurance that will cover damages of data breach. Your data means nothing to them! Gain data sovereignty with

There is only one way for creators to avoid any attempts to de-platform by some tech giants or demands of "ransom" by other tech giants - that is to assume full digital sovereignty.

Exited news first ever server being deployed in to the wild. This one rocking Raspberry Pi 3 and running DNS hole with private DNS server because first!

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Looks like bad guys never sleep or just decided to play Grinch: WordPress sites are under attack if you had one of the compromised plugins update it immediately. www-bleepingcomputer-com.cdn.a

While our technical team busy testing various prototypes, our design&marketing team had finished large update of the website. Special shout out to our VP of Design and Digital Marketing for making that project huge success. Here are results:

New addition in our test lab. Router that house Raspberry Pi CM4.

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If you run GitLab you probably want to update your servers ASAP. Looks like things being exploited and turned into botnet to launch DDoS attacks.

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Another day another rootkit. There was an interesting exploit made public couple days ago, that allows attacker to stay hidden from view point of Windows subsystems in charge of security while having quite a bit of an access to that PC and of course company that identified ability to exploit offering their services to protect PC's ... quite suspicious ...

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I've been honored to participate in ShortArm Solutions Inc, Cyber Pro Podcast and talk about cyber security and human factor. Here is the link:


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