"Self-Hosting Is the Ultimate Privacy Power Move"

When you use a third-party service for your needs, whatever those needs may be, you’re always taking on a certain degree of privacy risk.


Europe is often seen as a champion of privacy laws that supposedly protect people, and it's a good thing. However that also makes courts more open to an idea of censorship requests, especially German courts. Here is one example, where DNS provider can not and should not be liable for unlawful content stored on somebody's servers. DNS providers are phonebooks of 21-st century. torrentfreak.com/dns-resolver-

How good is 2FA if vendor uses it for advertising purposes. Twitter was fined by FTC and here is the story ftc.gov/business-guidance/blog but how can you trust other vendors that they would not use your PII for purposes other than 2FA. Best way is to avoid vendors who want PII for 2FA authentication, and use apps that generate time based code.

My latest at WIRED: Today the FBI admitted to buying cellphone location data that US companies claimed was gathered to personalize online ads -- data the bureau would've otherwise required a warrant to obtain

Dir. Wray says it was purchased for a classified pilot program "some time" ago


Smartphones were a very significant innovation, however there is a dark side to all of that, with all of the apps where developers are fighting for your attention they also a curse, especially for kids and teens, who does not necessarily possess stamina to thwart negativity they could bring.noahpinion.substack.com/p/hone

Now that finally make sense, I was wondering how, and had some of the ideas and was astonished by complexity of systems advertisers built, but apparently truth is way more simpler. To show you an extent of how things are being tracked, once I started searching and reading articles regarding astrophotography, one of the computers in my house with OS from MS all of the sudden displayed one of the pics on subject. thenextweb.com/news/duckduckgo

Today we've released a new update to our iOS app! It brings an improved sign-up flow, home screen widgets, and many accessibility improvements.


Here is interesting thought, let's imagine you already know that there is going to be downfall in demand because who would take mortgage at 7%, how could you keep prices high. Simple you just decrease supply by pulling out from a mortgage market selling bs story that people are not interested in buying and rather would rent, simultaneously buying houses which you can rent out, to those who "prefer" to rent. Simple capitalism of 21th century.

Non-compete clauses are damaging economy! Trade secrets and other types of proprietary information that some one could comes around during professional career are already protected through other agreements and laws, leaving only purpose for non-compete agreements is to hold employees hostage. Competition has always been a force that drives innovation forward, prohibiting it will lead to stagnation. Take action, leave comment now. regulations.gov/document/FTC-2

Episode 95 of The Hacker Factory Podcast has dropped featuring Chris Southerland Jr! An @ITSPmagazine Podcast itsprad.io/the-hacker-factory-

Thanks to all that attended my web app pentesting workshop at @BsidesORL in November. All proceeds ($1650) from the workshop went to @WomenCyberjutsu Girl's Academy. Thanks to @CyCognito for supporting my efforts and travel expenses to the conference.

use #linux & #opensource this year

Obviously I don't have a NYT account and never read the full article, but it feels like the so-called mainstream media attempting to plant a seed that privacy is dangerous, looking at click bait article title "The Signal App and the Danger of Privacy at All Costs" that is purest propaganda from any government. Don't believe today's media, think with your own head and defend your at all costs, because it's a last resort that makes us individuals.

Good news, finally FTC - government agency tasked with regulating privacy taking note of questionable practices that Epic Games took in handling customer's privacy especially children's privacy. I think it's long overdue all or nothing privacy agreements are bad for society. ftc.gov/news-events/news/press

Episode 92 of The Hacker Factory Podcast featuring @praetorianlabs founder and CEO Nathan Sportsman has dropped! @ITSPmagazine

Despite so many people were posting here and other on other social media about Twitter, I've never commented as there were no substance for such comments. However most recent blockages of accounts including Mastodon's account, is just nonsense. I totally get what he is trying to pose was a reason, but then why he has not blocked FlightRadar24 account where exactly the same information about his jet is available, besides reasons were made-up yesterday just to create a reason.

AI's aren't sentient. They can't "steal."

Programmers and institutions select the data with which to train the model. They take art and writing from artists and authors without credit or payment. The software then remixes and mimics what it is given.

Displacing agency by attributing intent to the AI is exactly how people and institutions erase human action in the creation of technology. It also leads to further perceptions of technology as acultural, unbiased, and, in essence, magical.

Liberty is the key component of that contract we call USA, yet in money handling/processing space there is no liberty. Because it's heavily regulated cost of entry in that space is enormous, and when you see one of the behemoth goes against first amendment it is sickening. Allegedly they published that policy in an error, they say. So what's next? De-banking people? reuters.com/business/finance/p

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