Here we go, leader of the land of free imposes vaccine mandate across all employers. For those who are ready to embark on an argument "it's not all employers", how many employers with < 100 employees can pay living wage to their workers? Then some might say "it's not a mandate, since alternatively they can submit to weekly testing" do you really think it's an option, when people being fired for calling in sick, do you think same employer will allow time for testing?

Let me continue my thoughts here, just for a context I am not antivaxer by any means, however order completely ignores those with natural immunity like they never existed, there are at least 40 Million of people in the US alone who can potentially have natural immunity, and many of the research papers point that natural if comparable or sometimes even superior to vaccine. Another area is people who does not go to the office and thus there is no grounds for OSHA regulate those employees.

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Two years later there is no coherent understanding of a virus, no money is invested to investigate root cause of this virus, long term affects and such. All money had been thrown into research of a suitable vaccine to suppress symptoms, then to prepay purchase of vaccine from pharmaceutical companies. Government paid for development, prepurchased results making sure that pharmaceutical companies general great amount of profit for their shareholders. Rather than looking into root cause of it.

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Lastly there is no sufficient tracking of breakthrough cases, since vaccinated are showing even less symptoms there official statistics on breakthrough cases are questionable, as vaccinated person without any symptoms may still be potentially infected and spreading infections, so does a person with really good immunity, so that's where a lot of speculation can collective immunity work at all, and if it is not achievable then what social benefits or justifications total vaccination bring?

Just like with antibiotics, it is a generally great achievement, but as Alexander Fleming warned us that misuse and over prescription can lead to a bacteria developing resistance to any antibiotics and we already starting to see those cases, doctors generally just prescribe drugs rather than looking for diagnoses, mandates in one size fits all can hurt us in a long run. Humanity is good in solving problem rather than searching for a root cause of that problem to begin with ...

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