Today is very sad one, recent events showed us that on those free or even paid platforms you can not be truly private or free. They will immediately censor you, block you, deprive you of functionality once your opinion is not aligned with opinion of their investors. The only way to be free is to have a full control of a platform and I am on personal mission to make it available for non tech people. This where you can find uncensored me, forever

I wonder how many people bought wrong stock thinking that Signal Advance Inc has anything to do with Signal app LOL those guys running lose on Wall Street think that it's the only place in the world...

One of my favorite quotes applicable to software development: "First solve the problem, then write the code" and it is sad when younger generation of devs can't grasp meaning of such quote. That's where many security problems arise from, devs pushing something out of the door, just to check a box, on the other hand at some companies had screwed up their KPI's , so fixing 2 defects in a week would appear better, than taking a week to properly resolve 1st without introducing 2nd.

Going to the rabbit hole ... sat down to write a new blog post, as a result decided to transfer my blog to a new platform. Been using Blogger platform for a while, and wondered if it can be easier to use, as a result stumbled upon combination of Jekyll and GitHub Pages. After a transfer my blog it going to be just a code on a GitHub that can be managed from console. Here is quick glimpse.

If you are running Calibre on Ubuntu 20.04 and ran into error like: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'cancel' here problem and solution for ya.


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