@protonmail Those also came on by default, when Google introduced them. So most people have them on, so take action and turn those off of you care about your privacy.

You car might be spying on you! Biggest problem with privacy laws in US is that plaintiffs have to prove damage from sale of information, that they deemed private, like SMS messages(they are not, don't make that mistake). Essentially extortion that happens 5 years down the road after some threat actor connected dots from sets of data they purchased legally or stole from tech company can't be proved as it has not happened yet. Surveillance capitalism in action. therecord.media/class-action-l

Hey folks, it looks like AI buzzword is back into fashion. Today Whitehouse released a fact sheet about AI executive order. I am no lawyer do not take any advice from me, and this is not a legal advice. What is interesting is approach to privacy in that EO, statements looks good from marketing standpoint, but do nothing. You can track individuals from anonymized datasets, no PII needed thus you can build model of a person without need to name them. whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/s

@phil looks like you are giving some advice from ISC2 Cybersecurity Congress stage, nice!

@raek Glad you were able to help your dad get rid of it, from that forum post sounds like some one looked into firmware source code and found hard coded things. Asus has quite versatile off the shelf hardware and open source community has firmware that runs on those routers OpenWRT and DD-WRT at least 2 prominent projects that rings a bell.

@raek are you sure it was that way from the factory and that model was not designed for Russian market which essentially covers all post USSR countries. UI on that screenshot is not consistent with their ZenWiFi UI where they moved Parental control, then even on old UIs Parental control designed to have web filter and time limit options, lastly DNS was always under WAN. So either old firmware got exploited or some one configured parental controls that way or it came with some service.

We thought Google hit rock bottom with #privacy.

Its new beta feature on Google Files for #Android called “Smart Search" is the trap door.

This creepy new feature on by default & scans every file on your phone. Why is this bad? Because it could potentially ruin your life. (1/3)

Google has tested similar dark pattern on Android phones first, I guess no one freaked out, so they moved ahead on Chrome.

A new low, even for #Google. Giving Google permission to share information about you with third-party websites is being falsely advertised as an "ad privacy feature". This is privacy washing at its most extreme. But it gets even worse.

There is a dark pattern on the second screenshot. It isn't just informing you about the fake privacy features. Clicking on "Got it" actually turns on these features that allow Google to use your recent browsing history for ads on third-party websites:

If you are using Android phone then you could have noticed recent update from Google which allowed you to "personalize your ad experience" and those settings apparently were on by default. So you have to actually do work to opt out. Here is how you can turn it off: Settings->Security&Privacy->More privacy settings->Ads->Ad privacy. It will take you to the screen in picture, go ahead and turn off all of these settings and definitely delete your advertising ID.

I am excited to announce that I am going to be speaking at HOU.SEC.CON - THE Houston-area information security conference. October 12-13 2023, right before solar eclipse. If you are in town, come see me and learn a thing or two about "Privacy in the age of AI". If you are not in town, take a trip to Houston and see what you've been missing all of these years. Stay tuned for exact day and time of my session. web.cvent.com/event/76d46ccb-f

If it is not censorship then what that is? This week youtube published new guideline on medical information that they will remove content that contradicts health authority(bureaucrats that has nothing to do with science), essentially censoring content that cast shadow of a doubt on official position. Now here is puzzle for you: aspartame deemed dangerous by WHO yet some how safe by FDA. What they'll do? blog.youtube/inside-youtube/a-

Stumbled upon this article. Today people "own" lot's of things in electronic form, now think how much could you trust company that you purchase it from. Even giant are not protected from a market forces or bad management. So ask yourself do you really own that e-book, or song from iTunes or you just leasing it for free. slate.com/technology/2009/07/h

Not everything about AI or LLM/GLLM is great, people often focus on positive side, improvements those models can bring to our lives. However there is also dark side of it. Advances in AI has always been used by APT actors, with GLLM it just another piece of the puzzle that corporations have to think about when deploying those tools into their ecosystems. securityintelligence.com/posts

White House announces a competition to "use artificial intelligence (AI) to protect the United States’ most important software, such as code that helps run the internet and our critical infrastructure". Possible to win MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/s

Many people misunderstood what privacy protection should be implemented in order for them to keep their free will. At the end of the day [social media company name here] does not care about you drunk photos or your most guarded secret as those have no monetary value for legal business. However your attention and your intentions do have a value. So when you are protecting your privacy avoid disclosing your intentions at all costs.

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