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It's quite typical hypocrisy when Silicon Valley ignore reality and media writes a story about their supposed "innovative" approach. Truth is such decentralized version of Twitter like social network exist today, and users are in charge of everything on that network not some overarching authority. It's called Mastodon and you are reading post on that network right now.

It looks like product managers from LastPass forgotten about Evetnote failure, long time ago Evernote attempted to do similar things and miserably failed to explain themselves, buy some popcorn it's going to be fun.

I've been honored to participate in ShortArm Solutions Inc, Cyber Pro Podcast and talk about cyber security and human factor. Here is the link:

Privacy is our constitutional right, forth amendment says it all, unfortunately there were no computers back then and as such it does not explicitly mention web, however if it has been written today I think it would have been extended to world wide web, but big shots from Silicon Valley think that they can use our pictures without our consent and train facial recognition models on those.

I have always said that supply chain attacks would bring havock to software companies. However it can be simplified with open source and great level of due diligence. When you have access to source you don't have to blindly trust your vendors security testing you can actually conduct your own. But most vendors think that source code can't be shared, it's their IP ... So results are clear.

This is just hilarious, you have to be aware of technology you are using and all of it's capabilities ... and keep kids away from your computer :)

Today's smartphones designed to track everything. It's a joke that companies like Google and Apple selling those, they could have just given them away, since they make way more on information. Same goes for every app that you have on your phone, not hard to understand why many of these apps are free.

Bill Gates never liked open systems, since the very beginning MS declared war on open source. Fast forward in today's world open source software is potentially more secure that closed systems, which could accidentally hide questionable practice, backdoors in compiled code until some researches would manage to stumble upon it. So now he pushed Oxford to "team up" with big pharma to hide all research behind IP, what a shame... This is not a story you'll find in media

Free speech conducted over internet had threatened media corps, especially here, they lost their viewers to different mediums online video platforms, podcasts and so on. Now they employ an army of so called "journalists" to feed people with their fake agenda, appear relevant, they'll do everything just to bring people back and get their bonuses paid, return to investors, read this really nice piece from Glen Greenwald

Massive surveillance carries no public good what so ever. It just allows government to spend millions of dollars on technology that can't help with crime prevention, because it has never been designed for such mission. China is an example of what government could do when it's not constrained by people, I don't want to live in country like that. Privacy is a human right.

So there is precident when FTC required from company who misused users data to train facial recognition models to delete those as a part of the settlement. Why G and FB of the worlds were never required to delete algorithms they derived from misused data?

Some sad news, PinePhone looked like a really good contender, which eventually could become phone that respects users privacy and runs on Open Source software, well as many good things everything comes to an end. However I am hopeful about what future holds. Let's see.

Never liked Spotify tried multiple times, and some how it never felt home, always going back to Pandora or local music. Now they want to track what? No thank you.

When it comes to health related apps, think twice before you enter any of your data, whether it's fitness tracker or something more intimate. One way or another your data could end up in wrong hands, through hacks, data leaks or just because they partner with some one like FB to sell it. When you are not paying for product you are the product.

Looks like Flutter is getting more attention, since the very beginning it looked like solid cross-platform alternative. Given that Flutter is also first class on Android and iOS it looks way better than Electron which is desktop only. Essentially with Flutter you can achieve true convergence between mobile and desktop platforms.

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