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Security poverty line. Many organizations fell behind it with more sophisticated threat actors out there. However organizations can buy their way out of it with more investments. What about individual consumers? Are the products that suitable for consumers? Are they stuck with big tech companies and their "free" products. That's why we started Ethiork project, to give individuals a hand to raise above security poverty line.

Holidays are usually sweet spot for threat actors, because it's easy to go undetected over extended holidays. There is no sleep people involved in cybersecurity :( here is advisory from CISA and FBI

Product leaders today often met with a dilemma: what are those values you will never compromise on, even if that would cost you a job. I would say ethics should be one of those values, without ethics you but going to be able to build fruitful product or company.

... accidental typo in nmap scan leads to scanning of majority of network infrastructure, which leads to finding some unexpected ports on several host, which leads to a witch hunt unleashing wide variety of tools on to those hosts ... just to confirm that everything runs as expected ... as a result all tools on offensive security box has gotten most recent updates and skills brushed off ...

Those who still live under impression that data anonymization which tech giants tooting while selling your data left and right works read this article:
Just pay close attention to "how" they investigate rather than what is reported. There are also articles from NY Times
Your data is valuable, stop giving it away for free.

Doing what's right is always more expensive that just brushing symptoms on the surface.

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ICYMI: We just had our August 2021 Community Update!

We announced the PineNote: a high-end e-ink device powered by the same SoC as the Quartz64.

We also went into detail on upcoming hardware and software updates for PinePhone, Pinebook Pro, and Pinetime.

Read now:

Humanity as a whole is really good at finding solutions, but a terrible at root cause analysis, so we often would end-up remediating symptoms rather than solving problem. Private companies are quick to come up with new product and keep progress running at a stunning pace, but they can't solve the problems as their focus will be on symptoms that are on the surface, because those are visible to their shareholders, which put company and directors under high pressure.

Here is a demo of Visual Voicemail working on Mobian!

At the beginning of the century we as a society accepted that internet is our future and now it has become irreplaceable. Today coffee makers, dishwashers and other devices from our home are connected to the Internet, so it's time for Zero Trust. Government already realized importance of this concept hard way, time to take embrace it on a personal level.

"The Federal Trade Commission unanimously voted Wednesday to pursue policies that will make it easier for people to repair their own things."

What are the alternatives to the walled garden of big tech? Have your own castle where you and your rights are respected. Read why Purism is built with security, privacy and freedom in mind 🌎

“In 1972, scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology made a bold prediction. By developing a scientific model that considered the way that humans and the planet interact with each other, the researchers determined that society was heading toward collapse by the mid-21st century, driven largely by the forces of growing population and capital over-exploiting limited planetary resources…Turns out, we're right on schedule”



When you put decision making authority on AI you will get environment optimized for robots not humans. Would you like to live in such environment?

While it is possible to achieve Internet Sovereignty from a big tech providers, you are still at the mercy of your infrastructure, at one day guys with "shovels" may start dinging and accidentally cut cables, so you need multiple providers with different cables so that when one is cut you can utilize second one.

The Runner: Why you should try self-hosting and de-Google your life?

Big American tech companies know way too much about us and are too intertwined with our personal lives, but they don’t have to be. Read more below!

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