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Not everything about AI or LLM/GLLM is great, people often focus on positive side, improvements those models can bring to our lives. However there is also dark side of it. Advances in AI has always been used by APT actors, with GLLM it just another piece of the puzzle that corporations have to think about when deploying those tools into their ecosystems.

White House announces a competition to "use artificial intelligence (AI) to protect the United States’ most important software, such as code that helps run the internet and our critical infrastructure". Possible to win MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

Many people misunderstood what privacy protection should be implemented in order for them to keep their free will. At the end of the day [social media company name here] does not care about you drunk photos or your most guarded secret as those have no monetary value for legal business. However your attention and your intentions do have a value. So when you are protecting your privacy avoid disclosing your intentions at all costs.

Interesting article, main point in my opinion everyone has to decide by themselves how much privacy do they want.

TIP: Never store passwords on your mobile, or for that matter use built in password manager which does not have additional master password. Imagine situation when your phone gets stolen, and thief already learned your pin code by shoulder surfing. Their next move is to change your AppleID password and from there they'll have access to every single piece of information connected to your AppleID. Use stand alone 3-rd party password managers.

I've read white-paper about data that iOS and Android devices send when NOT IN USE, so that you don't have to. Situation is really bad, even when user opted out of telemetry devices continue to send data to A and G respectively. Aside from everything else, one area that I'd like to highlight is MAC addresses of nearby devices, along with gateway that iOS devices send, if exposed 3-rd parties may learn a lot about devices in your household.

There is huge difference between privacy and anonymity: Privacy is when people know who you are, but they can't see what you are doing. In case of anonymity all of your actions are in open, but people don't know who you are. Thus when you are using VPN provider you need to know what you are trying to protect from by choosing VPN connection, is it your privacy or anonymity?

Vulnerability recently poped up in KeepPassXC, if you are using it just be aware. However attacker would have to gain access to your machine first, so employing tools that prevent some one exploiting your device is a still effective line of defense.

For those who playing with RaspberryPi CM4 if you got it with eMMC storage onboard, please note that it's mounted to the same physical mount points as your SD card, so inserting SD card into IO board won't do anything. You actually have to use rpiboot to flash system onto eMMC directly. Here is official GitHub repo to use: in case some one need it.

By entering cyber incident space insurance industry gave a rise of new beast, it's called ransomware, as in many cases it's cheaper for companies to pay ransom that to maintain resilient recovery processes. But here is the twist, not everyone get's their data back. Insurance is not replacement for recovery. Here is new initiative by CISA.


Describe what you want to find in human language and get a Google query using advanced search operators. Suitable for "juicy info" and vulnerable sites, as well as for any other search tasks.


Need to know whether a piece of hardware is supported by free software? #hNode has you covered! Its search engine will help you verify #freesoftware compatibility.

Twitter Blue what a strange proposition it is: you pay $8/mo and then they got to mine your data and manipulate you, show you ads, so on and so forth. However $8/mo you can probably rent instance and run Mastodon yourself and you'll never see an ad or be manipulated by a single company into buying something, you got to interact with users on other instances, even beyond Mastodon, essentially anything that supports ActivityPub. So which one would you choose? Well it's up to you ... 

World has gone crazy, it feels like there is a coordinated assault on freedom of speech, RESTRICT act, Online Safety Bill, they are all targeting freedom of private communication in the name of crime prevention. Our task is to oppose those motions as we seems them as alternative would be living in authoritarian regime.

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