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Thus protecting your privacy is not necessarily about protecting your data it's about protecting your metadata. It's about depriving providers of those pieces of metadata they would typically use to perfect prediction models they created for you. Models that would better understand you, even better than you understand yourself, up to the point when your next move is sold ahead of you reaching decision point for it.

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When talking about privacy especially in the context of a social media people often resort to an argument like "What's a big deal, I meant for that picture to be public." and you are absolutely right, that picture of yours is the least important price of information. What's more important is what is called metadata. Metadata that allows provider to answer questions like what he was doing before he posted, what he was doing afterwards, how friends reacted, why he posted and so on and so forth.

Free market does not exist when market players make their purchasing decisions based on metrics that have no correlation to price or value of the product or service.
However true power comes when you can control social narratives that define those metrics and if you can bet on players acting in a particular way because of those social pressures created by metrics you have achieved ultimate power to predictably generate piles of money, hmmm ... wait this is how media-WallStreet symbiosis works.

Distraction or perfection, here's how it went. I received a security key board today and was eager to get my hands on OpenSK, so I sat down to see what capabilities are. However as I looked at the board I realized that it's not really perfect to work with bare board, so I needed the case, I put 3D model into slicer, and got a connection error, damn certificates expired on the printer, I started refreshing certs, but ports are closed on network ... mmm fun wait what I wanted to do?

This article has a very catchy title, however it does not tell you why they were able to search any data in the first place. The answer is very simple, mainly because people had been using services from Big Tech where customers do not own their data and those guys have back-end access to customers data. Think about it, at the end of the day it's YOUR data!

I am stunned how many organizations "misuse" cybesecurity insurance. While it make sense from a business perspective, I think that's where ethics should outweigh purely calculative approach. Any insurance is designed to restore what is broken, in a way rebuilt to it's original state. However with any data breach nothing was broken, it's unauthorized people have seen information that should not have been seen. You can not undo that, there is no way you can put genie back!

It's well known that the goal of any company is to maximize shareholders return. That includes technology companies, who offer so-called "free" SaaS products. In fact the fermium model has become a favorite business model in Silicon Valley. What do you think is going to happen when implementation of security controls to protect your data outweigh the cost of cyber security insurance that will cover damages of data breach. Your data means nothing to them! Gain data sovereignty with

Make no mistake, data is gold for any tech company that sells their customers in packages, it's just a question not much that tech company can obfuscate their data collection practices.

I am starting to wonder, it looks like censorship to me, or LinkedIn deliberately hiding my post from my network. Here is the story: I've appeared on podcast and as a normal person shared it(post from podcast page) with my network. It's not an automated scheduled post, I shared it manually through LinkedIn interface. After 5 days it had low number of views. So I posted posted screenshot of my Mastodon post to LinkedIn and in 5 hours it generated more views that original post in 5 days. Weird...

I've been honored to appear on 808 Podcast and had a blast talking with Bob Clark about privacy and steps people could take to protect their it in today's world. Here you can watch an episode on their web site

REMEMBER: Cyber-security insurance is not your cyber-security tool, it won't help you prevent incident or reduce risks it's just something that might make mess clean-out cheaper.

There is only one way for creators to avoid any attempts to de-platform by some tech giants or demands of "ransom" by other tech giants - that is to assume full digital sovereignty.

Privacy is a human right, people may choose not to exercise this right every time, but that doesn't mean that people ever meant to forgo this right, like many corporations trying to make everyone think.

I have been saying for a while that pixelation of the text is flawed and here is confirmation that recently emerged.

Sometimes you come across interesting facts. Word "pseudo" has pronunciation of "soodo" which is very similar to famous Linux command sudo. So my guess command sudo came from word pseudo which make sense.

We've discovered that users in Kazakhstan can circumvent internet shutdowns and censorship by using a specific Tor bridge. Follow our user guide, get a bridge, and avoid shutdowns today and tomorrow. #keepiton

I hope by now everyone knows what Log4j is and how dangerous it could be given 10 points on CVE score. Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center published guidance where they observer toolkits being updated with exploits for Log4j. Also FTC issues statement to go after companies who failed to remediate Log4j it's getting very serious folks.

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