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"The Federal Trade Commission unanimously voted Wednesday to pursue policies that will make it easier for people to repair their own things."

What are the alternatives to the walled garden of big tech? Have your own castle where you and your rights are respected. Read why Purism is built with security, privacy and freedom in mind 🌎

“In 1972, scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology made a bold prediction. By developing a scientific model that considered the way that humans and the planet interact with each other, the researchers determined that society was heading toward collapse by the mid-21st century, driven largely by the forces of growing population and capital over-exploiting limited planetary resources…Turns out, we're right on schedule”



When you put decision making authority on AI you will get environment optimized for robots not humans. Would you like to live in such environment?

While it is possible to achieve Internet Sovereignty from a big tech providers, you are still at the mercy of your infrastructure, at one day guys with "shovels" may start dinging and accidentally cut cables, so you need multiple providers with different cables so that when one is cut you can utilize second one.

The Runner: Why you should try self-hosting and de-Google your life?

Big American tech companies know way too much about us and are too intertwined with our personal lives, but they don’t have to be. Read more below!

Twitter rolling out Twitter Blue feature, so now people will pay Twitter for sale of their profiles to advertisers just to get access to so called paid features. On the other side of the spectrum is Mastodon totally open source and free from advertisers. Now we can say that even if you pay for something you can still be a product.

Interesting story from Wired. What can we all learn from it: 2FA is only as strong as you original method, practicing good password hygiene is the only way to protect your account. Even if it is personal, change your passwords often at least 90 days, use software to keep track of all passwords and creation dates and never rely solely on 2FA even if it is physical key.

Onion routing turns 25 this month. 🎂

You’re invited to celebrate this moment with us to talk about the beginnings of onion routing & how this idea became Tor.

🗓️ Mark your calendar: Wed., May 26, 18:00 UTC / 14:00 Eastern / 11:00 Pacific

Glue sticks will never be excluded from school supplies, while kids might work less with papers, those are still useful for 3D printers, cheap glue still can help ensure that your 3D models will stick to your glass bed. Simple solution.

Credit agencies should be banned from doing business on U.S. soil: they collect a lot of sensetive information about every person for the profit, without person's consent, then when such sensetive information getting leaked to bad actors through their negligence in cyber security, somehow it's on person to deal with all aftermath of ID theft and they at best obliged to sell same person a new service ... win win for them.

Librem 14 Begins Shipping

"We set out on a multi-year journey to build our dream laptop—the Librem 14—and today that dream is reality and is shipping."

#Librem14 #privacy #freedom

The Tor Project is hiring a Junior Systems Administrator! Please retweet and share this opportunity with your networks.

History repeats itself, today I came across the term of programmable money, with feature of expiration date, to push consumers to spend it. I got a flashback from 1991 when on post USSR area expiration date has been posted on soviet money. At the end of the day this event defined fate of my professional career, but it was greatest hardship for entire population back there.

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